FAQs - DogWoofers

I love your products! Can I get a discount on a second order?
Thank you so much! We'll keep you posted if we are having any special offers and we offer EXCLUSIVE deals to everyone that subscribes to our newsletter!
Are your products hypoallergenic?
Our products are hypoallergenic and are suitable for 99% of peoples skins!
I haven't received my order yet. Can you give me an update?
As noted on our site and in the emails you should have received,  delivery times for most items are between 2-3 weeks because of extremely high demand and because our products come from abroad. Sometimes, there are a few issues with shipping so it can take up to 40 days for your item(s) to arrive. If it’s been over 40 days since you placed your order, go ahead and shoot us an email on our Contact
Us Page!
I never received an order confirmation email. Can you help me out?
Sure! First, please check your spam folder or search your email inbox for an email from "DogWoofers". If you don't see one, it's probably because you entered your email in incorrectly when you made your purchase. If you think you have incorrectly sent your email, just message us on our Contact Us page!
Can I cancel my order?
Sorry! We can't currently do cancellations at the moment. We're working on developing a better cancellation system in the coming months. 
Can I update my address?
Unfortunately, we cannot update your address once you have ordered because as soon as we get an order we try and ship them out straight away!
I never received my order. Help!
Oh no! We'll sort this out for you. If it's been over 40 days since you ordered (our maximum delivery time at the moment), you can contact us on our Contact Us Page and we will see what the issue is and refund you or/and send you another one at a discounted price!
My order arrived broken, why?
We check each order carefully before sending it out but occasionally an order will get damaged during the shipment process. If this is the case, please email us on our Contact Us page and we'll work it out for you and resend it to you or provide you with a refund!
I have received only part of my order in the mail so far. Can you tell me where the other items are?
As noted on our shipping page and in your order confirmation emails, we ship directly from different suppliers around the world (in Europe, the US, Asia etc) so your order, if you've purchased several items, will likely arrive in different packages. Please be patient as the rest of your items will arrive soon!
Is it safe to process payments through you? Do you have access to my credit card details?
We use Stripe and Paypal, the largest and leading international payment providers, to process all purchases. There is no point where we ourselves have access to customer's personal data ourselves or where that data might potentially be compromised. All data is processed and encrypted via Stripe or Paypal.
Do you do exchanges?
We don't currently do size exchanges since our suppliers are based all over the world and we don't have a storefront. We are working to build out a system where our customers can do exchanges in the future -- but it's not currently possible. We appreciate your understanding! 
I'm having a technical issue on your site or can't place an order because of an error. Help!
Please try on a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari) or retry in a few hours.