Essential Commands You Need To Teach Your Dog Now!

Having a dog is awesome, but having a trained dog is a lot more awesome! Today, we will be teaching you some basic, but still essential, commands you need to teach your dog now!

1. Sit

Sit is the easiest and most known dog command that can make your dog seem a thousand times more trained! Since this is the easiest command for dogs to learn, we recommend you try and teach them this command first before trying any advanced commands! Here are 3 things you need to do to make it easier and quicker to make your dog learn:

  • Make sure they are in a calm environment

  • Don't move to fast or this may scare your dog and not know what to do

  • Use treats to entice the dog and use it as a reward for their good behavior

2. Leave It

This is essential if your dog goes outside a lot and gets distracted easily. This command can help you if curiosity gets the better of him and he starts wondering off somewhere. Here are some tips to be able to teach your dog and make it easier for your dog to learn:

  • Make sure to say loud and clear "Leave it" so your dog can clearly hear the words and know what to do next time

  • Use treats to reward your dog's good behavior

  • Teach them many times so they can remember what to do next time

3. Stay

Stay is a good essential to teach your dog as it can calm your dog down and keep them settled. Here are some tips on how to teach your dog to stay:

  • Make sure to say the word "Stay" loudly and clearly so your dog can clearly hear you

  • Give your dog treats as a reward

  • Make sure there are no distractions and to do this somewhere with no or not too much sound so your dog doesn't get distracted too easily

We hope this could help with teaching your dog how to be able to learn these essential commands they need to learn as soon as possible! But remember, they are still only pets so don't get mad if they don't learn straight away as it takes time for your dogs to learn everything you tell them to do!

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